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Stand With Assholes! (And Against Illegal Immigration)

You know, sometimes, I’m ashamed to be a U.S. citizen. Why? Because I share that citizenship with some of the stupidest fucking people in the world. I just found a “movement” on Facebook against illegal immigration. It takes the form of “Stand with _____ (and Against Illegal Immigration)”, where the blank is the name of your preferred state. There seems to be one for every state, but I didn’t check, because I got disgusted after just a handful. I am against illegal immigration, but I support making it easier to become a citizen, not kicking them all back to where they come from. So why am I disgusted with the people on these pages? They just can’t speak English. Oh, and they’re dumb-asses. Let the ridiculing begin!  Continue reading Stand With Assholes! (And Against Illegal Immigration)

A Xenophiles Guide to Music

God knows I love foreigners. Different cultures fascinate me. As a citizen of a country that is made up of every culture in the world, it surprises me that so many people don’t like foreigners. They have so much to offer, not the least of which is their music.

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My Guide to the Judaic Faiths

There are a lot of religions in this world. It seems that there is some inborn urge for us to believe in a higher power, and as such, many people have claimed to find the “true” way of that higher power. The problem is, with so many religions, how do you find the one that’s right for you? Here’s an easy to follow guide that explains the three religions of Judaic origin. With tongue fully in cheek.  Continue reading My Guide to the Judaic Faiths

How To Succeed In Your Company

So last night I was watching 30 Rock (surprise surprise), and it was the episode where Jack is trying to work his way back to the top. In it, he tells a crew of lower placed employees to “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” This is a GREAT little maxim, that goes beyond clothing. In truth, it should be taken as “Work the job you want.” Continue reading How To Succeed In Your Company

Concrete Flooring Is The BEST Flooring!

This is the original piece that prompted this site. I was writing page after page after page about different types of flooring, and just as a way to mentally refresh, I wrote this in the same style as the other pages. Leo loved it so much, he actually sent it to our client, who also enjoyed it. Continue reading Concrete Flooring Is The BEST Flooring!