concrete floors

Concrete Flooring Is The BEST Flooring!

This is the original piece that prompted this site. I was writing page after page after page about different types of flooring, and just as a way to mentally refresh, I wrote this in the same style as the other pages. Leo loved it so much, he actually sent it to our client, who also enjoyed it.

If you want the ultimate in permanence and don’t mind some really cold feet or the color gray, concrete is the solution for you! Concrete is hard and long lasting, and can last pretty much forever. The ancient Greeks were some of the first to use it, and they still wreck their ships on it to this very day!

Concrete flooring is the perfect solution if you need flooring on the first floor. Because of the excessive weight of cement, it’s not recommended for anything higher than that. It would pose a crushing hazard to small animals, children and well, everyone really.

Benefits of concrete:

  • It’s hard.
  • And gray.

If you think concrete might be the perfect flooring system for your garage or basement, pretty much the only places you can pour it on the Outer Banks, don’t call us. We do real floors. Like carpet and hardwood and shit. Call Coastal Concrete. They can pour it for you.

And don’t forget to fill out the contact form, or the haha-we-got-you-now-sucker form as we call it in the trade. And for doing that, we’ll give you a great price on something we do for free anyway. Or actually, no, we won’t. We don’t do concrete. That shit’s heavy. :)


I would like to point out, polished concrete flooring is REALLY beautiful. But this company doesn’t do that either. Because that shit’s heavy.