A Xenophiles Guide to Music

God knows I love foreigners. Different cultures fascinate me. As a citizen of a country that is made up of every culture in the world, it surprises me that so many people don’t like foreigners. They have so much to offer, not the least of which is their music.

Control Machete

One of my favorite Mexican bands, Control Machete is a rap group that just sounds good. I have no idea what the hell they’re saying usually, but it doesn’t stop me from loving their sweet barrio beat.


Another Latina singer, she’s hot, and this song is just awesome. Honestly, it’s the only song of hers I know, but it doesn’t matter. It sounds like something I would totally dance to. If I could dance. Plus, this video makes my pants two sizes too small.

The Seatbelts

I love Cowboy Bebop, and this Japanese group rose to prominence by doing the soundtrack for the show, including the theme song. They also are my favorite jazz type band to date.

Wax Tailor

This French DJ makes some crazy sounds and is my favorite group on this page. In fact, he’s in my top ten favorite musicians of all time. I love to mock the French, but there’s no denying that every time I hear one of his songs, it makes my skin tingle. This is the song that started it all for me.

Alabama 3

Another one of my favorites, this British band, known as A3 in the States, did the theme to the Sopranos. Their music might have a message, but beats me what the hell it is. It just sounds good.


I think they’re Russian. Some kinda Slav anyway. I heard this song in GTA IV, and I loved it immediately. The band is good, but good luck finding much of their other stuff. The name of the song, Schwiene, is German for “pigs” and it clearly is making fun of the Nazis. Past that, beats me.

Goes to Show

These are some of my favorite bands period. Music is a language all of it’s own, and just because you can’t speak English, doesn’t mean you can’t make some awesome music.