Stand With Assholes! (And Against Illegal Immigration)

You know, sometimes, I’m ashamed to be a U.S. citizen. Why? Because I share that citizenship with some of the stupidest fucking people in the world. I just found a “movement” on Facebook against illegal immigration. It takes the form of “Stand with _____ (and Against Illegal Immigration)”, where the blank is the name of your preferred state. There seems to be one for every state, but I didn’t check, because I got disgusted after just a handful. I am against illegal immigration, but I support making it easier to become a citizen, not kicking them all back to where they come from. So why am I disgusted with the people on these pages? They just can’t speak English. Oh, and they’re dumb-asses. Let the ridiculing begin! 

First, I’m from NC. WTF is a besties? Sounds like animal porn. She probably is an uneducated redneck, so that may be it. Celebrating her first time with a dog, maybe? Probably what got “jen” “Ill”.

Ok, so I definitely agree with her point, but how about you be less of a rude bitch? Seriously!!!

I know illegal immigrants who write better than this. I’m not even exactly sure what the hell she’s talking about.

A civil war in AZ? In the next two years, you say? No worries. The world is going to end this year anyway! Oh, and BTW, pretty sure AZ isn’t YOUR state. Unless “Tammy” is Native American for “Ugly-Bitch-Who-Talks-Like-a-Cow”. Which would be more appropriate.

I don’t think it’s the politicians who are out of touch with reality.

Too many grammatical errors, plus a statement that’s just ignorant. Maybe he knows Talks-Like-A-Cow Tammy.

Oh, I know what they’re about. Ignorance, narrow mindedness, and a too much reliance on spell check. It’s copyright, morons.

WTF? Who is Alaska afraid of? The fucking Eskimos?

Fight for our country? Are we being invaded and no one fucking told me???? God damn you, Fox News!!! How’d you drop the ball on that one?

Oh, I finally figured it out!