Stand With Assholes! (And Against Illegal Immigration)

You know, sometimes, I’m ashamed to be a U.S. citizen. Why? Because I share that citizenship with some of the stupidest fucking people in the world. I just found a “movement” on Facebook against illegal immigration. It takes the form of “Stand with _____ (and Against Illegal Immigration)”, where the blank is the name of your preferred state. There seems to be one for every state, but I didn’t check, because I got disgusted after just a handful. I am against illegal immigration, but I support making it easier to become a citizen, not kicking them all back to where they come from. So why am I disgusted with the people on these pages? They just can’t speak English. Oh, and they’re dumb-asses. Let the ridiculing begin!  Continue reading


The New Battleship Movie Depresses Me

While I have always been more a fan of the written word, I still appreciate great movies and television shows. Throughout the years since the invention of the movie camera, there have been countless great movies made in Hollywood. The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, The Godfather, etc..Countless movies have sprung from the loins of Hollywood. Then they gave us this:


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BattleShip: The Movie

Yeah, it’s based on the board game of the same name. This is just the next step in an endless procession of putrescence spewed from sewers of stupidity and further proof that Hollyweird has run out of ideas. I’d heard there was an Astroids movie, and now I feel I may have dismissed it prematurely.

This movie is in the same vein as the recent Real Steal, which I’ve not seen  but judging from the previews, is a pretty clear attempt to turn Rock’em Sock’em Robots into a cash cow. It saddens me, because Hugh Jackman was a good actor.

And Battleship stars Liam Neeson, whom should have avoided this movie like Typhoid Mary.



My Guide to the Judaic Faiths

There are a lot of religions in this world. It seems that there is some inborn urge for us to believe in a higher power, and as such, many people have claimed to find the “true” way of that higher power. The problem is, with so many religions, how do you find the one that’s right for you? Here’s an easy to follow guide that explains the three religions of Judaic origin. With tongue fully in cheek.  Continue reading

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